MHA Member Benefits

MHA Benefits

MHAA is a non-profit, all-volunteer, statewide organization supported only by member contributions that advocates, promotes, and supports good governance of community associations. For over 30 years, MHAA continues to encourage State and local legislators to enact and enhance laws that protect the rights of residents in condominiums, homeowner associations, and cooperatives.

MHAA assists its members with information, research, seminars, and guidance on a variety of issues such as: dispute resolution methods; open elections; developer control/turnover to owners; reserve funds; fair housing laws; non-discrimination requirements; and reference guides for selecting an attorney, management company, auditor and other services for associations. MHAA provides advice for dealing with problem boards as well as other HOA/Condo problems.

MHAA communicates activities and legislative issues to its members the E-COMMUNICATOR internet newsletter, and through open, monthly meetings. We welcome attendance at MHAA meetings where time is set aside for members to discuss their concerns and questions.

Another avenue for open communication is through the e-mails and telephone calls MHAA receives daily as well as through the FORUM and Facebook pages on this web site. Through these mechanisms, MHAA answers homeowners’ questions regarding their rights and responsibilities as residents in community associations. MHA can also provide the name of an attorney who is willing to give a few minutes free telephone time to MHAA members.

For the MHSA Bylaws, click here.

*MHAA was originally established in 2018 by Members, Board Members and Officers of the Maryland Homeowners Association